Why is voter turnout at elections in decline? Because the people are turned off by wearisome, chronically rudderless politics. I am building a new website to try to boost voter participation this election, and fill the gap left by traditional journalism that is too ossified to change. 

People have opinions, and while they may snarl at attempts to pander to them, they respect an honest challenge. Tackle the bull and not the man, that is a common cry for issue orientated debate over personal attack. Far to often an opportunity to honestly challenge the opinions of someone is resisted, the media resists it even going so far as to denigrate those ‘uppity’ enough to proclaim their views if they don’t conform to the orthodoxy.

This has caused many to throw the towel in on politics and use election day to mow the lawns. The lawn of our national discourse if left to be entangled in the weeds of a few opportunistic politicians and hacks. Reversing this is simple, and need take no longer than one election cycle. Visit my website, more regularly as it grows into Palmerston North’s hub of political news and debate. No matter what your opinions are (and I know you have them) share them here. Be part of the debate, be part of the future of New Zealand. Vote on election day.

Please visit the PalmyPolitical site today:

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