The Writing is on the wall for gay marriage

In 2004 Massachusetts became the first US state to legalise same-sex marriage. Ten years later same-sex marriage is recognised in 29 states including Washington D.C. and has been endorsed by the President of the United States, right before he was re-elected by the grand land of the free.

A few days ago the supreme court refused to hear challenges to the state law changes, signalling that there is no option for the opponents of same-sex marriage but to use their individual liberty to choose not to get married to a person of the same gender, and let their intolerance burnout behind closed doors.

Things have moved fast with a majority of Americans deciding they shouldn’t get to decide what other law abiding citizens wish to do, in a testament to the orderly way the American political system can deal with these social issues in an orderly, gradual way. By not being an issue to be decided on a federal level, the issue could be dealt with earlier by more progressive states, trickling down to less enlightened parts of the great continent when it was clear that the sky was not falling.

Whenever someone pipes on interminably about how dysfunctional the American planet is, tell them about this and be glad that there is always another side to the home of the brave.


Federal Judge Strikes Down Alaska Gay Marriage Ban –

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