Urgency is Bad for Freedom

John Key has said new reforms to the security agencies will go through under urgency before christmas. We don’t yet know precisely what those reforms will be, or how long they will stand before there is another round of reforms in the next few years. Such is the sloppiness with which the less than fastidious ministers oversee rushed reforms.

At least with grammar nazi Chris Finlayson in charge of the security portfolios we may be assured they won’t feature such luxuries as the oxford comma. Although I don’t imagine anyone outside the legal circuit will actually read the legislation. It’s a bit disheartening to see that the only times security matters are subject to parliamentary scrutiny is when an international crisis prods hysterical political leaders to give the shady spy agencies more powers.

Key is at risk of overstepping when vaguely outlining the threats posed by extremists in Iraq and Syria to NZ. Many immigrants from that part of the world live happily here and we do ourselves an injustice by proposing that a lack of draconian state power will leave these people vulnerable to the jihadi siren call.  Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither, and a Prime Minister who would prefer to keep the details of threats secret even from himself deserves to be rolled in a caucus coup.

John Key is not invincible. It maybe high time to remind him of that fact.


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