Preparing to look at it…


This is for those friends of mine who have recommended the works of Ayn Rand, an author who has a considerable posthumous following, particularly in the United States. Including congressman Paul Ryan, famous for running as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential nominee in the 2012 presidential election.

He is famously a devotee of Rand, Ryan has since distanced himself from her philosophy, particularly her views on religion (she detested the concept), and on matters like abortion. He has said that reading Rand got him interested in economics, which led to his political ambitions. Republican Senator Ted Cruz is also a devotee of Rand, as is Congressman Rand Paul (whose name seems oddly appropriate).

Before having read either of the gratuitously sized tomes I think it is worth saying that I am suspicious of Rand’s philosophy of objectivism. I don’t think that people need another excuse to think and act selfishly. Moreover, I define the starting boundary of morality as when one chooses to do something outside of ones own self interest. Therefore stopping the car to go to the aid of an injured person is a moral action. A morality of self-interest is a conflict in terms, a non-sequiter.

But anyway, I am going to be reading some Ayn Rand soon and I wanted to say something about that. At some point look for a review as well, I will be more than eager.

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