Swiping is free, but what about honest hookers?

It seems the sex industry is becoming surplus to requirements by the rise of the online sex app.

Tinder, Grindr, and all their derivatives are making casual sex more common, and thereby depriving prostitutes of work. The irony is not lost that the factor hurting brothels is a more promiscuous population. However, casual sex found by way of smartphone apps is apparently unreliable, and the case of a kiwi girl who hooked up with a Brisbane man before falling 14 stories to her death underlines the very real risks.

Also, in the eleven years since prostitution was legalised, the profession has become much safer with condom use and std checks. I am sure too (but cannot prove it) that an hour with a call girl woth $230 would be much more fun than an hour with a stranger. For starters both you and the prostitute are on the same page and there need be no awkward and stuttering conversation at the beginning.

The article in today’s Dominion Post (which you can read here) reports that the government collects no statistics on the number of sex workers, and the IRD classifies them as part of the hospitality industry. Figures range from 2000-15000 prostitutes active in New Zealand, and according to the 2008 parliamentary review the number was estimated at 5000. The aforementioned article also guesses that the sex industry is worth $800 million to the economy per year.

There is salvation for the oldest profession however as social media is used to make arranging for professional sexual services easier. The result of all this is that sex is more available than ever, making positive sex education a vital consideration. Not that everyone is doing it, just everyone can if they want.

It would widen the scope of this bullet essay if I had interviewed a prostitute, but alas I don’t know any, so you have to live with my limitations, as I have to. I suppose one could always buy out of limitations, and lets face facts, that would do the sex industry some good, but I am rather old fashioned, and would rather have a meal with a pretty girl and try to make her laugh. The simple pleasures are best. Perhaps the sex industry is too focussed on bondage, domination, and kink, it may do better catering to the old staple. Telling a woman a joke, and reveling in the fact that you made her arch her back in open mouthed mirth.

Happy Labour day everyone.

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