The Madness of Steffan Browning…

The special votes that brought back Steffan Browning on the Green Party list now look incredibly foolish as the MP signed an online petition promoting the use of homeopathy to treat Ebola. He even said that some would think its a ‘wacko idea’, and in signing and promoting the petition he, Steffan, probably fell below the standards expected of an MP.

What a load of incomprehensible trash. This may be why the greens did not grow as a party last election, they trust people who behave as if they don’t care for the voters to carry their banner. That is what this is, trumpeting homeopathy on one hand while demonstrating a clear understanding of how crazy you seem. You can read the stuff article here.

It is also wasting time on the very serious Ebola epidemic. Thousands of people now have it, and according to the Time magazine, the problem is not treatment; it is diagnosis. In poverty stricken countries like Sierra Leone, where infrastructure is either substandard or non existent, it takes a long time to get a test conducted in a clinic to be sent to a lab for analysis, then sent back. In the meantime the possible Ebola suffers spend days or even weeks stuck together in a ward to literally ferment. Those that didn’t have Ebola when they got to the clinic (early symptoms are very similar to malaria), have contracted the disease from fellow patients by the time their test results are returned, and by that time they are so riddled with the illness that treatment is ineffective.

Browning’s hope that homeopathy will have some positive effect deny the logic of this proposition. For the sake of argument I shall accept the premise that homeopathy may have some observable benefit. If it is made widely available to the African states affected by ebola, the problem will be exactly the same. It will not make diagnosis quicker, which is the main factor behind the rapid spread of the malady.

It frightens me that an MP from a party that I have come to respect can take such a bizarre position on an issue like this. If this was what National and Act voters had been warning of for so long I can see their point. This is not the stuff to be found in a party worthy of being in government. What we need to investigate is whether the brain-rot of this kind is confined to one small branch, or whether it has infected the whole tree.

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