Gorbachev Warns World ‘On Brink Of New Cold War’

The elderly former leader of the Soviet Union, who presided over its dissolution, is bleating of a new cold war. Like the last, this one again centers on Russia, with the USA at fault.

Although Russia is a major player with regards to energy, they are economically irrelevant, and their military capacity only goes as far as bullying and intimidating smaller eastern European nations.

Their military hardware is rusting and obsolete, their government riddled with the stultifying effects of corruption. Any economic edge they have gained under Putin sits in the shadow of China, which will continue to rise even as its GDP growth slows.

The China-USA relationship is what will decide the world order, not some revivalist Tsar with a penchant for martial arts. And it is not the Chinese way to repeat the past mistakes of others without a particular sino-spin. The relationship is a working one, and is not paralleled by the old cold war dichotomy.

Sorry Gorbachev, I know you want to be relevant, but the past is dead and gone.

Lit.Cologne 2013

Gorbachev Warns World ‘On Brink Of New Cold War’ – http://huff.to/1qvLISS

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