The Campaign that Never Ends

For those that follow American politics, you can’t go far without being besieged by articles on the (still unannounced) campaign for president by one Hillary Clinton. She has been actively pursuing the White House since leaving it as first lady, and arguably had ambitions for it since before Bill’s presidency. She sacrificed her dreams for his — something other women had to do as well, the former President’s unusual sexual proclivities having been forced on at least three women before Miss Lewinsky.

Hillary has an active super pac, and at this stage is the best funded democrat in the 2016 race. But can she sustain the interest of the American planet? The former First Lady, former New York Senator, and former Secretary of State, has been in the politics game so long that there is a very present risk that she is boring. Like Ted Kennedy, Hillary is part of a political dynasty. But for the Kennedy’s their political peak in 1960 with the narrow election of John Fitzgerald. Although the Kennedy’s have remained politically active since the slaughter of the President on a Dallas street, they have never been as successful as in 1960.

The Clinton’s obsession with the White House is incurable. Hillary’s contribution to US and world politics is substantial, but I believe the ‘brand’ is barren. The longer she remains unannounced for the 2016 race, the longer the other possible Democrat contenders will stay beneath the parapet. This is good and bad, because for the time being she is drawing all the GOP fire, but it also runs the risk of Hillary being largely unopposed in the primaries, then to lose at the general election. If she were to pull out at this point it would be wasting a tremendous amount of resources and money.

What do I know really? I am no expert on American politics (just an interested kiwi), but I believe very strongly that it matters who leads a country, particularly one as influential and powerful as the USA. You can expect me to write more frequently on American politics as the 2016 election draws nearer, and I do intend to do a detailed breakdown of all the candidates from both parties. Still, Obama remains the top duck, and until the election campaign he won’t be lamed. The future of Iraq and the liberty of millions around the world hangs on the next President and their ability to work constructively with the leaders of China, Russia, and Europe. American exceptionalism has to stay on the shelf.

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