New Labour line up

So Andrew Little has unveiled his new caucus line up. No surprises, he’s promoted Nanaia Mahuta and Grant Robertson, while sending Cunliffe down the list and preparing David Parker for pasture.

Annette King remains acting deputy Leader, keeping the seat toasty warm for Jacinda Adern, who inherits the Justice portfolio. A savy move, it keeps the leadership fighting fit while Andrew finds his feet.

I’d hope that Cunliffe takes the hint and retires at the next election, but I don’t advise anyone to hold their breath. Annette King may choose to see herself out once the deputy chair goes to Adern, but in the current caucus she is the best person to hold the Health portfolio.

Iain Lees-Galloway has been bumped up again, characteristic of a parliamentary career that has been terribly sporadic. He’s at number 12 with the Labour portfolio. That is an area which should keep him busy, with plenty in the government’s program to criticize and oppose.

David Shearer remains doing the only job he can do, be spokesman for Foreign Affairs.

All in all, it’s a big tick for Andrew Little’s first reshuffle.


2 thoughts on “New Labour line up

  1. Malcolm Bradbury

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