David Cameron; the winning loser.

The Tories have won the most slender majority in the House of Commons since Harold Wilson received a majority of four in October 1974.

This is the worst result for a majority Conservative government ever — and let that be remembered. Prime Minister David Cameron may fancy himself as the Tory version of Tony Blair; a youthful moderniser deeply in touch with public opinion, who has shaken the triteness out of being Tory. But Tony Blair won a 66 seat majority at his worst — after Iraq had soured and those on the hard pacifist left were calling him ‘war criminal’. In May 1997 Blair’s landslide was truly titanic, 179 seats, so many in fact that the party leadership had to do an emergency survey of their new MPs to find out just who the hell they all were.

David Cameron is the most defeated victor in more than forty years. He now has to deal with a renegade Scotland, and the Leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon who is the only politician in the UK that can claim a mandate. Most pundits believe that a second referendum on Scottish independence is imminent, and if Cameron follows through on his promise to hold a referendum on the EU he may find the fractured Britain isolated from both within and without.

Let it not be forgotten that the Labour party saved the union with the passionate campaigning of ex-PM Gordon Brown, and the Labour party is now out in the cold. The Eton and Oxford educated David Cameron may find his voice lost in the din of common displeasure. The only solace to be found is in the election of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the only Tory to have mass appeal, and so made of slease that such scandals boost his popularity. Cameron cannot control Boris by giving him a cabinet post because Johnson is continuing to be London’s Mayor until next year, so he is now poised to be a wrecking ball within the commons without any oversight by the Prime Minister.

I am betting on David Cameron lasting two to three years at the most in number 10 before the blonde bombshell on a bike rides into Downing Street to take the Prime Minister’s crown. Then we may see a real Tory majority, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Margaret Thatcher.

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