Set in stone

The United States formal constitution put in place a model for democratic government for which
there was no contemporary example, save the burgeoning British system which was then tyrannised
by George III.

The resulting supreme law of the land contains formidable safeguards to prevent tyranny, but is very much a product
of 1789. Many parts of it are anachronistic, but resist reform because of the rigidity of codified constitutions.

By contrast the British Constitution has continued to evolve organically for the last two centuries. The UK has
become more and more democratic while the US is stuck in a tyranny left behind by the founders.
A tyranny by the system itself.

Biology tells us that adaptability is the key to survival. The one eyed man may be king in the land of the blind,
but the one who develops their other senses best will be better off than the rest. America is blind and has it’s fingers firmly
jammed in its ears. Thus the American system is mortally sick due to its intransigence — its chronic inability to adapt.

The circle has been squared for many years by the attitudes within the American people; their optimism, their deeply rooted altruism,
and their drive to succeed at all costs. But what happens when that isn’t enough anymore? When the rise of China and India outstrip
American knack for floating on a paradox? Like a bather in the dead sea. These are questions deserving answers, but with no
obvious champion to lead the cause.

When the British Empire disappeared and the UK went into decline it did not have a culture of exceptionalism to fall back on.
Eventually Margaret Thatcher arouse as its champion who gave it a prolonged slapping for eleven and a half years until it was
ready for the Blair revolution to take it into 21st century modernity.

With pride and the exceptionalism that we outside America find so nauseating and yet so unbelievably powerful, the USA could
hold another constitutional convention, and address their dusty founding texts, moth-eaten and opaque as they are. Leaving the
more magnificent ideals intact they could look at everything from gun control to electoral reform (the electoral college is a nonsense
from when snail mail was the pinnacle of connectivity) and guided by the principles of liberty and enlightenment values that shepherded
the original revolution — then we shall watch in awe the ascent of the great bald eagle. 

A state built in this image is worth repeating. But the American paradox doesn’t work elsewhere, and it is now failing at home.
Should the status quo remain then no matter who comes to leaf it — Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul — with the audacity to hope,
the system will first bring doubt, then despair.

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