Further thoughts on euthanasia

The dangers — rational and not — inherent in legalising euthanasia do not and should not prevent a thorough public debate on the matter.

The choice to end the suffering of a person objectively understood to be in the final stage of their life, is a human choice. Suffering repels us.
The suffering of our loved ones tortures us.

When it comes to individuals and their own bodies the law respects the right of a person to refuse medical treatment, invasive procedures,
the sexual advances of someone else, and unwanted pregnancies.

A woman may decide to terminate the potential life of another, but you can’t decide to be assisted in extremisto end your pointless suffering.

This issue will not go away. As long as medical advances afford us longer and longer lives, our ends will be all the more drawn out. Torture is
cruel and unusual. It shouldn’t be visited on people brimming with love for someone dear to them, whose death is neither speedy, not painless.

To legalise euthanasia is not to ‘play God’, it is to play human.

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