Lights fading for

I must decide by Friday whether or not to renew this website; to pay more than $150 to keep it going for another year.

Since October 2014 I have posted 232 separate pieces of criticism, commentary, film, television, theatre and book critiques, cartoons and photos. I am very proud of a few of them — of many others I am not. Looking at the site as objectively as I can ( an impossible thing to do, better to say as least subjectively as I can) i like what meets the eye, and it seems easy enough to navigate and ‘browse’. But one thing is ruthlessly apparent. I’m not getting hits.

This is not a whine, nor a throaty plea for promotion. Just an explanation for why this site may not exist from Saturday onward. Note that a final decision has not been reached, and although the writing is very much splattered across the wall in terms of paltry viewer statistics, I really enjoy having a virtual space entirely of my own in which I can experiment. Playing with writing, drawing, snapping the occasional photo and trying not to look a snob. A paradoxical want given I ostentatiously made the website bear my name.

Perhaps it is time to try something new. In that case the content of this blog would either be transferred to my previous blogger account (which is collecting dust but still exists) My Word is my Boon, or would continue as a basic wordpress blog.

For what is next I shall leave to the providence of future conversations with brilliant people.

One thought on “Lights fading for

  1. brionyjae

    I just have a basic wordpress account, and it seems to serve me well. I would probably consider paying the domain fee if I was actively blogging, but you make a good point – only if the blog got enough hits to make it worthwhile. Well, whatever you decide, I do hope you keep writing and posting somehow!! 🙂

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