Fewer lights, but still burning

Well I couldn’t bear the thought of searching therealjoeboon.com and finding that someone else had taken it. Be warned if you have ambitions for setting things up in your own name — it’s bloody hard to let them go. No doubt Freud would make some ironic observation if he was here, explaining that the site is an extension of my ego (undoubtedly true, but not quite the entire truth) and I’m naturally averse to giving it up

So what now? Do I continue on as before, and daily attack my keyboard in the hopes that the occasional reader likes the result? No idea really. I am allowing my premium wordpress plan which shouldn’t have any real effect on the site, because the domain is still mine. So everything that is in my blog will stay there, and you won’t be presented with inglorious nothing if you click a link for this site from facebook or wherever.

In terms of putting up new content you can expect more book and film critiques, and other interesting things. Weekly though, not daily.

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