Lame Duck’s Quacking

President Obama has leaned into the democratic nomination contest for president by praising Hillary Clinton and calling Senator Bernie Sanders a “long-shot”.

Not quite as long a shot as Obama getting anything substantial done in his last twelve months in office, so it could just be spite. He may feel threatened by the candidate with the strongest policy platform, given his own temerity in the White House.

Whatever his motivations the act of speaking on an election he cannot be involved in beyond voting as a regular citizen, is classless. George W. Bush stayed out of the 2008 election, and has stood clear of commenting on Obama ever since leaving the Oval Office. He doesn’t believe it’s helpful to have an ex-president getting stuck into politics, and did not appreciate Jimmy Carter criticising him during the Iraq War.

Once a president reaches their last year in the job they become a lame duck, meaning that their limited time constricts their ability to make promises. Even executive orders are affected because the next president can sign their repeal from the moment they take office. Foreign leaders stop taking them seriously, and have less reason to form a relationship with the administration that is busy updating resumes.

Of course, all this quacking could be because Obama fears for the future of his legacy if a Republican gets in and tears it up. He doesn’t want them to line his ducks against the wall and pick them off with the high powered firearm they are licensed to carry. A legitimate fear, but I would refer him to a Senator from Illinois who in 2008 convinced a nation to embrace the audacity of hope. Drink your own cool-aid Mr President, and stop with the quacking.

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