Smarmy, self-interested git

Gareth Morgan, the maverick economist, the nemesis of all things feline, the father of the father of trademe.

He is well liked by many, and listened to by many more, but as evidenced by his appalling offer with regards to the crowd funding campaign to buy an Abel Tasman beach, he is a revoltingly reptilian cad.

The crowd funding campaign has reached $1.5 million, the asking price for the beach is $2 million, and the deadline is this week. Morgan believes the winning tender will be around $3 million. He proposes — like the worst trademe watcher who swoops in as an auction is closing — that the campaign has no chance of getting enough money by the deadline. So, he proposes to make up the rest, and in return wants private use of the beach (allowing the same public use as the current owner does). He  promises to give the beach to DOC after him and his sordid family have got their enjoyment out of it.

How this demented public shit still gets to be called a philanthropist is an offence against the English language. A philanthropist is someone who seeks to benefit the welfare of others, and Gareth Morgan is in this for his families enjoyment. That the public would eventually benefit from the Morgan families sloppy seconds is a profound insult to the dignity of this country. I know I am probably offending some friends/fans of Gareth, but I have to give expression to my disgust. This turn of events is simply nauseating.

I hope that the government steps in and matches the crowd funded money so the beach can be bought and added to the Abel Tasman National Park in the very near future. Take your money elsewhere Gareth, the heritage of Aotearoa is not yours to violate in private.

P.S Gareth Morgan has been rejected. Hooray!

One thought on “Smarmy, self-interested git

  1. brionyjae

    YES this was my exactly reaction too! The newsreader started the story with “The philanthropist Gareth Morgan”, and the news item I was just like uh, did you guys just hear yourselves?!? Such a contradiction, or perhaps just poor news reporting – or, like you say, a complete lack of understanding of the English language. HONESTLY. So glad he’s been rejected! (I must confess, I’ve never been a Gareth Morgan fan, mostly because I am a crazy cat lady xD)

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