You can’t out tweet him, he live tweets during debates and events with the gusto of an insecure teenager. You can’t compete on television, he rules the networks. You can’t get anywhere joking about his hair; after twenty years of steady jibe-making the laughter has rubbed off (much like the natural hair on the top of his head did too). Plenty of trash has been written and said over the last six months about The Donald, including tonnes of the most pathetic stuff. Why is he popular? How long can he last? Is the Republican Party doomed?

On the last point yes, the GOP (Grand Old Party) is doomed, at least in its current incarnation. The trouble with living is the requirement to adapt. If you do not adapt, you die. Simple. And scientific. That is how natural selection became the modus operandi of the natural world. The post-Bush GOP, with its stonewalling and Tea Party will die. A refreshed, hopefully more moderate Republican party will arise, with gib walls instead of stone. Donald Trump maybe the much needed wrecking ball. Unlike other candidates for President, like the bloated pantomime villain that is Senator Ted Cruz; or the dumbo-eared (and self-consciously balding) Marco Rubio, The Donald does not take himself seriously. He knows his own personality, warts-and-all, and he is able to appeal with the whole thing. His total lack of shame would be remarkable, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has so much to be ashamed of.

Rubio certainly (and Christie to a lesser extent before he dropped out) seems more than a little embarrassed to be seeking the Republican nomination. I don’t think he has the stamina to remain standing after the National Convention. Oftentimes people run for President to improve their own standing in the party, hopefully establish some kind of national profile, and connect with donors who will help them in their Senate and Congressional campaigns. For examply, Paul Ryan was a little known Congressman before 2012, then Mitt Romney put him on the ticket for Vice-President and now four years later he is Speaker of the House of Representatives, the highest ranking Republican in the land. Presidential elections make more Whips, majority leaders, and speakers than actual presidents.

But alas, not this time. Rubio does not stand to gain if he stays in the race only to lost the nomination to Trump. In the senate he looks prominent enough to replace Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when that old tortoise shuffles on. He should be looking to that opportunity and give up on the notion of becoming president. I’d wager he’ll be offered Vice-President, but Senate Majority Leader is a real job, VP is worse than a bucket of lukewarm piss. It can be thrown on a gravestone, but that’s an insult to some.

Donald Trump is the pivot point of all this, everything depends on what he does and how much support he gains. It is interesting that he has found a foe in the legacy of the Bush family. He drew boos when he went after George W Bush’s record as president, and Jeb Bush came back with coolness. The irony is suffocating. George W Bush is brought in to make his brother electable. Re-write those political satire scripts, reality is taking laps around the insane circus!

Finally, and this is a truth that extends beyond metaphorical confines, you can’t play cards with The Donald, he always has the Trump.

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