Bloggers Block

This past wee while I’ve had bloggers bock. Its like writers block, but limited to blogging. I mean I can still write, and am writing quite a bit, but haven’t had anything to put up on here. Sorry to the wonderful few who check out this site regularly. I do have quite a large back catalogue of essays, reviews, polemics, cartoons and poetry that you can check out if you like. I am not sure when the next original post is going to go up, but everyone needs a rest occasionally. 

Anyway, here’s a poem:

Nothing more to write.

The keyboard is impervious to slips now

I can’t muster another line about the day

Or the night, or the right, or the wrong.

There’s nothing in my limp, open hand

Nothing on which to stand.

Unhinged the jaws of yawning time

Purposeless, graceless

Consuming without nourishment

A bridge on flat land

A boat in the desert.

That is what it is to type away with nothing to say.

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