The podcast beacon is lit


So I am in the mood for change. I haven’t been updating my blog as regularly because I have not had anything to say. That is a disheartening position to be in, especially when words are your only pathway into the world. It is how many people connect, and I have worked hard these last few years to refine my skills at expressing and analysing through the written word.

Recently I have put up more poetry than prose. I hope that hasn’t alienated some of my viewers, but that is just the nature of poetry. I am not trying to be deep for affect, that is just what I have been interested in writing. The impulse that is driving me drives many others, and some to much loftier heights. It is the driving force of creativity. That thing that manifests anywhere in any form, and is the x-factor of intelligence.

I am a creative person, but there are many people whose creativity is different, more inspiring, and altogether more powerful. The musicians, the artists, the writers, the poets; they that are sometimes called bohemian. I want to talk to them.

If you haven’t listened to the clip above please do. It is a call for the creative people of this fine country (New Zealand) to get in touch, or for those that know creative people who wouldn’t object to having a long form conversation/discussion with me that I can record for my new podcast, get in touch.

This is a project that will be challenging and rewarding even if it fails, but it will not fail for lack of effort. Well, I’ve put it out now, let’s see if this can fly.



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