Across the Ocean

I have made a strong statement with my last post, saying that I am not interested in politics. That stands for New Zealand. It’s too close here, too parochial, too immediate.

Right now there’s a flag referendum that a large segment of the country has condemned. They say it’s not a relevant issue. They say it’s disrespectful to history. There’s more important things to focus on. I yawn at my sneering countrymen (not being gender specific with that word). How unimaginative they are; how uninspired.

The fern flag is designed by committee, so of course it’s a camel. But it’s a better camel than the one with the union jack, so we should change. But I have been brought low by the politics here at home and I think it isn’t just me, part of the demographic opposing this flag change is taking the position because of that very feeling. They feel disenfranchised by the whole thing, and are critical of the government. In this way the flag debate does not inspire the intellects of these people.

So here is the problem with the would-be contrarians, they resist what they see as a collective jumping on the change band-wagon by jumping on the anti-change bandwagon. They aren’t contrarian, they are what Harold Rosenberg called the “herd of independent minds.”

I can’t stay tapped into this. So what political interest I still have I direct across the ocean to the USA, which is having the strangest election year since the American people voted for Al Gore and got President Bush. It’s easier on the spirit to watch from afar. So safe and secure. Cowardly? Well maybe, I would say more lazy. And every so often there is a moment where someone breaks through the firmament of crap to say something exquisite. I leave you with the latest spark of inspiration:



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