Nigel Farage to resign as Ukip leader

Hardly a surprise this is the second if not the third time Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of UKIP, and he is the latest arsonist to flee the blaze.

Boris Johnson did much the same when he ruled himself out of the race to become conservative Party leader and prime minister. Like upset toddlers the pro brexit bastards create a terrible mess and soil themselves leaving other weary adults to clean it up.

This is British politics at its most irresponsible and deplorable. I would say that Theresa May will be the one to clean this up,  but she may never get rid of the stains on her hands from doing so.

 I cannot write much more about this at the present time, it makes me feel to physically ill. All I shall say is Nigel Farage has the charisma of a damp rag, and the appearance of an emaciated toad proudly squatting in a puddle of British tears.

One thought on “Nigel Farage to resign as Ukip leader

  1. Riba Deusted

    It would be a safe bet that the real reasons why Johnson, the Oaf of Oxford and Faridge, the Modern Mosley both scarpered when the going got hot, are not purely tactical or political. Whether we will ever know – is another question. The media have let us all down so badly over the Referendum that they will not be trying too hard to find the real reasons either.

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