The Wretched Society 

The Guardian published an article about the 600 children living without parents in the largest refugee camp in Calais. Every night they try to get on the backs of lorries and get to the UK. Most are from Afghanistan, and their parents sent them away from the conflict between the Taliban and Isis. They told their children that the UK is a good country that will take care of them and educate them. But not even an act of parliament has been enough to spur Theresa May’s  jaundiced government into any action at all.

Use the link below to read the article about this in The Guardian.
Hungry, scared, and no closer to safety: child refugees failed by Britain

What has happened here? Well something that has to certainly changed is the evolving foreign policy of the United Kingdom and the eroding of it’s politics in general. Remember when Tony Blair looked at the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo and the genocide perpetrated by Slobodan Milosevic. Tony Blair decided that the horrors of World War 2 would not be repeated in Europe ever again. Parliament agreed and so did the public. They were persuaded by Tony Blair that this was a just cause. The refugees in Calais are not European, so Britain doesn’t care, because Britain doesn’t even care about Europeans anymore.
Last week someone told me that the Brexit has given Britain control over its immigration. How sad that the control they sought was to deny basic human rights to 600 children who come from a country they bombed with post 9/11 evangelical aplomb. 

But of course they do not claim responsibility for the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was Tony Blair’s folly, he is the war criminal and the rest of the country will spit on him long after he dies. But it was acts of parliament that sent Britain to battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the absent weapons of mass destruction do not change the fact that what was happening was a colossal human crisis that Britain decided to try and stop. Say what you want about Tony Blair, the man had guts and determination and the country at large no longer has either.

More more drivvle is spilled out everyday on how we are living through the second coming of the 1930s. The non-argument is so boring I am almost inclined to not mention it at all. But I will mention one very key difference between now and then concerning Britain. In the 1930s Jews fleeing Nazi persecution came to Britain including Sigmund Freud in 1939. Now Britain won’t even help 600 children a mere 20 miles from the coast.

One of the pacifist arguments against war and military intervention is that if you apply moral reasoning you are obligated to intervene in every crisis. But I don’t not help my neighbour because I can’t help every person who needs it in my city. Who would’ve thought that this sort of thing needs to be explained to the UK just so that they can rescues 600 children on their bloody doorstep.

I call this a Wretched Society, and sadly note that the condition is contagious. Below is a link to an article about the disgusting lack of kindness in Wellington society.

This is fear triumphant over love. Time to make an adjustment I think. Help your neighbour and perhaps the UK will find it’s moral backbone and rescue 600 children. Hell, that’d be a nice photo op on the beach Theresa May.

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