Just a fleeting opinion….

I have found it impossible to write anything these last few months because of an avalanche of negativity that has buried me. I am sure it’s not just me and judging by the massive chorus disparaging 2016 in general this is a common devastation.

How do you catch a thought and draw it out into an essay, blog, or column without being thrown by another beloved artist dying? Or the pestilence of the new agent orange (Donald Trump) being authorised to ruin the planet, the death of the last actor in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis (Fidel Castro), the resignation and ascension into political heaven of a Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Opinion writing means throwing together assumptions and using them to analyse some event that has barely just happened. It is a reactive thing, and I believe my own work reveals a corkscrew of changing thoughts and impressions. These fleeting opinions are attempts to place thought into a rational context, to work through ideas which are not always palatable after they have been posted. Several posts have been removed for the reason that I fear I muddled the message, the metaphors don’t match up with the context and the result is poor. Like I made something subterranean when I was really trying to get altitude.

There are so many political bloggers now, and such a spread of trash for the purpose of click bait (see the explosion of fake news disseminated on social media during the US election) that I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. This site uses my own name, which was for principled reasons as well as ego. I wanted to be accountable in the sense that if I tear someone’s guts out in a post, I am at the very least not hiding in anonymity. I thought this stops me from being a troll. It doesn’t. All it does is leave me exposed.

I hope my scribblings don’t get taken too seriously, and that the hurtful ones can be forgotten, or ignored. I am a living thing, not static, a process — a verb. So are you. And the fleetingness of our life’s activity is what makes it worthwhile. Better to flicker for a second than not to light at all.

I’ll pull up now before I get too carried away with metaphors! I just want to thank those of you that read and follow my blog, and to ask your indulgence while I slowly transform it into something better. I love writing about literature, film, television, and pop culture, so we’ll see where that ends up.

For the future I’ll happily talk politics and world affairs in person or via a podcast, but not so much through this blog.


The real Joe Boon

One thought on “Just a fleeting opinion….

  1. brionyjae

    I agree, 2016 has been a very deflating year. The Orlando nightclub massacre was another event that left me devastated! And I totally understand how that can affect your writing output – writing is such a personal thing, of course it’s going to be coloured by your mood. 2017 has got to better. Right? xx

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