Personal Update – Getting through to creativity -photography

Okay, I followed my bolder instincts (the cautious ones are in a ditch somewhere) and am leaving my job in a week. Just wanted to update any regular readers. If you aren’t regular, but just dropped by for whatever reason, hello! I promise this will not be a long scrawl of sentimental soul retching. No, it’s just a short scrawl of sentimental soul retching.

Well then, here goes: Stress, isolation, poor-health/fatigue, and the fact that admin/analysis is absolutely not my bag makes Joe a very dull boy. I was a tad concerned that the bout of depression I’ve had would take me somewhere I do not wish anyone to ever go themselves; that far too many do.

This country — and many westernized countries — has a horrendous problem with mental health, and if I may be permitted to suggest one responsible factor (among many that far better people can analyse) I would say that the fact that no-one can (yet) see clearly into your head makes understanding someones mental state extremely difficult. Especially because, I say this as a chronic depressive, you don’t want to be seen as unwell. Capacity to do work dwindles, but at the same time fear and paranoia that the capacity might not come back — or people will take it away entirely — is ratcheted up.

As a person with a progressive disability, capacity and ability are sore spots for obvious reasons. The fear of being trapped into a situation where every effort goes into maintaining a diminishing standard of living, as the goals and ambitions I once had are realized by others… no. That is the garbled thinking of a mind looking only for exits. The world does not work like that. Achievement of goals by anyone (okay, anyone you don’t actively dislike, we all have our reasons) is positive, and should be celebrated.

Getting past that fear though… I shudder at the prospect while quickening my step. Leaving an intensely unsatisfying job is one thing, adjusting to the reality of not having a job is quite another. Along with developing my creative writing (which is tonic for the spirit and air to the wallet) I am investing in my photography/videography skills as my main source of income. But oh my, I have no clients! Well, I turn to you. If you need headshot portraits for your business, or want a promo video, or to discuss a creative project that I can help with, or know someone who is looking for someone to make this stuff, I really want to talk to you.

I specifically mention headshots and promo vids because I have done them before, and am comfortable with my level of experience that I will deliver a quality product.Geographically I am focusing on the Wellington region and Palmerston North (home sweet home). So if you want something outside these areas please hold fire until I can get this thing set up. Gotta start somewhere!

I’ve done quite a bit of stuff for free in the past, and I love to do it so it will continue. But, I have to be able to pay rent and the utility bills, so paying projects are the priority. In a week I will be changing my website to include information about the services I can provide, and I’ll be putting together a portfolio over the next month.

8 thoughts on “Personal Update – Getting through to creativity -photography

  1. I’m also Welly based and branching out from policy analyst to artist. I’d love to follow you on your journey. I’ve watched others doing the same thing and am learning heaps. Currently I’ve been granted 9 weeks LWOP to make or break this reinvention. Keenly interested. Maybe we should start a meetup, real people seeking to escape soul sucking jobs…

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  2. brionyjae

    Sorry this is a late comment – that fixed term job I had finally finished so am now catching up on all the things I neglected during that time! Just wanted to say that I think you’re amazing for making such a bold decision, and I’m so proud of you for doing it! If you ever need or want to talk, I’m here to listen! (or, read, depending on the medium :P) Must try and get to Wellington ASAP to see you in person 🙂 Am going to write you a letter soonish too. (also, so funny, your Christmas letter randomly turned up in my letterbox a couple of weeks ago… must’ve got lost in the post!) *HUG* xx

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      1. brionyjae

        NZ Post certainly aren’t out to make friends, that’s for sure… I had a wee chuckle anyways and I was very happy to find it in my letterbox! 🙂

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  3. I went to half time on my job and started at TLC a week ago. It’s exhilarating and exhausting. It’s horrid trying to run both at once, returning to my desk feels worse and worse. So far I’ve produced lots of artwork but not much I could envisage selling. Tomorrow my first photography class, so you’ll be way ahead of me on that! I go up and down, up when people praise my work, down when they talk about how there’s so many artists already out there and its tough. There’s quite a few making a living at it in specific niches that they have found. You might find some of the artist talks interesting. I do wonder how its going for you!

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