Giving up and struggling on

For almost an entire semester I tried to study law. With one week to go I just walked away. Its a shame, but I made the right choice. If I was going to do law seriously I should have done so ten years ago.

So, that’s done with. My best regards to the poor bastards still with their noses in dry books; eyes encircled with Shadow. I hope they maintain their scepticism and imagination. The path they have chosen is hard and they are vulnerable to being captured by the vast and rather conservative legal system.

However, this isn’t a rant on the law. I am turning back my website with fresh eyes and a little more purpose. Changes to the Status Quo cannot be advocated for in silence, or without ruffling a few feathers. There is a storm coming, and that is the attention of those who have not hitherto realised their voice.

The winter is done for, and the spring of agitation begins.

Solidarity forever.